Featured Quilt Site – Cluck Cluck SEW

When I was setting up this new site for my Book Tours, I thought it would be fun to add my love of Quilts!

I contacted Allison at Cluck Cluck SEW, and she gave me permission to share the photos of her wonderful Quilts!  You can read more about her on her site here 

I asked Allison some questions about Quilting, and wanted to share them with everyone –

1.  How long have you been quilting?
   I’ve been quilting for about 7 years, but I sewed a bit before that.  My Mom was a quilter, but she did more intricate designs that she’d work on throughout the year…so I was drawn to a more quick and easy approach to quilting!
2.  What kinds of patterns do you have in your shop?
   My style is more simple, and easy, and my patterns definitely reflect that.  I like symmetrical quilts and quilts that look like they took a long time but were very easy to assemble in a short amount of time!
3.  What is your best advice to a new quilter?
   Start small.  Don’t plunge into making a King size quilt…it will only leave you frustrated!  Instead make a table runner or baby quilt…something that you can learn the basics on but it also doesn’t cost a lot of money.  You will feel less frustrated and more likely to stick with it!
4.  How long have you been blogging and what motivates you to keep it up?
  I’ve been blogging about 7 years, shortly after I started quilting.  I love keeping record of my projects, and I started my blog just to keep track of what I was making before I sold or gave the quilts away.  7 years later and I still love taking pictures of quilts and writing posts…there are time when I’m more busy now (cause I have 3 more kids now than I did when I started!) so I don’t post as regularly, but I still love sharing what I make with fellow quilters.  It gives a great feeling of community!
5.  What are you working on next?
   I have a few quilts in the works just for fun…and I work on them a bit here and there in between “daily life” stuff.  I also have a few more patterns to release in the late fall, and I just turned in my art for my second fabric line with Windham Fabrics.  I took the whole summer off from “work sewing”….so now I’m playing catch up and getting some ideas out of my head and onto paper (or fabric!).
Thanks Allison!
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